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Regarding Events at Unicron Duel Academy.

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Regarding Events at Unicron Duel Academy.

Post by YuseiFudoOfficial on Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:41 pm

Here at Unicron Duel Academy, the possibilities are endless. We have to many fun events planned in store for you and I would like to list them so you get an idea how much fun we want you to have.

There will be:
WrGpx Duels
Winners of Events can have a special opportunity to have a custom deck made by Cloud the founder himself.
Rank-up Duels
Hero Dorms vote which members deserve a rank up, as does the Rival dorm and both members from opposite sides will duel. The winner will get a rank-up.
Students may make Dueling Request Forms to duel people they want to duel and can earn points if they win. (Will have more information in the future)
The Heroes and Rivals dorms will face each other every so often.
The Heroes can vote on a certain dorm to face the Rivals and the Rivals can do the same.
Both sides can vote on a member or staff member(s) to battle to see which side will reign victorious.

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