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About The Owner CloudStrife VII

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About The Owner CloudStrife VII

Post by YuseiFudoOfficial on Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:19 pm

CloudStrife VII is a very well known user on Dueling Network. He has 4 years of academy experience that started in 2007 at a chatbox that you could customize background, and write things.Making good use of it he stuck to the original GX concept calling it "Yugioh_Duel_Academy". This was back in 2007 so Cloud did not have access or knowledge to the forumotion technology we have today. Word spread and many joined Cloud's academy. Because he was young at the time, he was strict and wanted people to be original so a lot of the people called him a "tyrant" but nevertheless duelists on there dueled by typing their moves on the chatbox and there were people night and day on this chatbox Academy. After closing the academy because he could not stand the trolling no more, he made a regular chatbox for anyone to just fly by and have fun. Cloud at that point had grown up and realized that even though his 2007-2011 academy was successful, he wasn't being a good owner or setting a good example or dividing labor so he would have less work and stress. When he closed his academy DN had been up for a few months before Cloud moved on from his bad experiences and staying on Dn. Many people know Cloud as Yusei Fudo or on Dn YuseiFudoOfficial. His name is Yusei but he uses a Stardust Dragon deck and is very in touch with his cards and feelings together. People enjoyed dueling Yusei and after Cloud/Yusei had seen how generic or boring or how every academy was the same and having bad experiences, he wanted different. He wanted every academy to see his dreams were possible and for people to get a long and be nice to each other and have fun all for dueling.. And with that, this is who CloudStrife VII is.

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