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How To Make a Proper Staff Application

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How To Make a Proper Staff Application

Post by YuseiFudoOfficial on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:33 pm

To make a proper Staff application please use the following template.

1.Your Forum Name:

2.Your DN Name:

3.What Staff position are you hoping to have?:

4.Why do you want this position:

5.What experience do you have in this department and how long have you had this experience:

6. How do you get along with other people? No matter what kind of situation or person it is:

7. How do you think you can help the academy if you are hired?:

8. Do you take jobs seriously?:

9. If you are hired will you communicate with the rest of the staff and do your job according to what the staff tell you?:

10. Do you have a problem with any of the staff here? If so, please state your situation and why.

After you have answered these questions please make a post in this section and the staff will take a look at it. There is no bias and if we cannot get back to you right away just remember we have lives and can only do so much.


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